Be Afraid

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Mary Burton is no doubt an excellent storyteller who can hold her audience on a standstill through several hours of narration. The narrator, Jennifer Van Dyck, also did a very good job especially in the aspect of diction.

Jenna Thompson was held captive when she was still very little. After she was rescued 4 days later, she realized she was lucky to be alive. Some of her family members who have passed through the same fate could not come out alive. But this time, the rescues have verified correctly that the kidnapper had died of an overdose. 25 years on, Jenna is still struggling to shake off that incident that happened in her past.

The book is another excellent one just like the previous installment Hide and Seek by the same author. The book is lengthy, but the author kept it quite interesting throughout. This is the hallmark of a great author.

When Jenna returns to Nashville on leave from her job, she had to deal with a new horror that has threatened to ruin her peace forever. Detective Rick needs her to identify the skeletal remnants of a young child who was murdered several years ago. At that moment, it seems her horrible past has just refused to die.

When the detective uncovers other murder cases, it wasn’t difficult to link them with her own past ordeal. It becomes clear she is not yet safe as the perpetrators of these brutal killings are directly connected to the bitter abduction experience she once had. They need to be brought to the book. Otherwise her life is no longer safe anymore.   It’s a thrilling and gripping book that surely grabs the attention of readers till the end.



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