Dies the Fire


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This is a classic end-of-the-world novel that will surely keep the audience glued to their seat until the very end. It has the same plot development as The Protector’s War from the same author.   S. M. Stirling surely told the story effectively. The narrator Todd McLaren was also very careful to match the characters with their ideal voice.

It promises a lot of action and suspense, with climax rising gradually to high peak levels towards the end. The plot development in the book is exceptional, with each character well represented in their respective roles.

It’ s not really much of a survivalist novel, but the author showed how agriculture and medieval technology can be utilized in a situation where civilization has collapsed. If you love books about survival and tenacity, you will love this book too.

When the plane’s engine mysteriously died as Michael Havel was trying to fly his passengers over Idaho, he initially thought it was an isolated incident. But when he was trying to take his passengers to a safer place, he realized there is more than just the breakdown of his plane’s engine.

Dies the Fire

In faraway Oregon, the whole city was filled in darkness and activities were abruptly brought to a standstill. There was chaos everywhere as Oregon was thrust into darkness. And it is unusually not to see a quick response from the airport officials after another airliner had crashed. Things were happening so fast and nobody seems to be in control of anything anymore.

As Juniper is trying to find a secure place for her family and others seeking refuge, some others have other ideas. Those building armies for conquests are busy with their plans while others are just bent on causing more mayhem in the farming community.

There is much rioting and confusion as civilization has completely collapsed. The previously organized city is now in chaos and everything seems to be threading towards the end of civilization.


Be Afraid

The Protector’s War


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