Bel Canto

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Music of love in the novel is bound to impress anyone who has a heart. The novel is so enriched in romance that you start feeling the aroma right from the first page.

Ann Patchett not only touches the psychological aspects of the human life but the book also takes you to another dimension where everything happens differently or should we say according to our own will. There is no boundary to imagination and love can engulf you for sure if you look deep into such materials.

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The Dutch House and Commonwealth are also with the same pattern but this one possesses something especial in it. The language is pure and simple so that even a layman can understand the thoughts. The writer has not tried to garnish it with flower language because this might have damaged the originality that we feel in it. Anna Fields narrated a difficult thing this time as the narrator was given something in which she was not allowed to overdo things. The narrator does not use different accents but still each character can be recognized because the dialogues have a tone of their own.

The characters are unique though they are simple as Ann has given their simplicity a special color and touch. The most dominant feature however still is the music and the imagination that make us delve deeper into human passions without telling us the dark realities and concrete facts.

Sense of maturity is gained by the characters after the climax that shows that the story is trying to convey the positive aspects of romance and true love up to the maximum level.


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