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Commonwealth is a high quality top of the line novel written by Ann Patchett. It is based on literary fiction and the listener get to enjoy each and every part of it. Specially, the powerful narration given by Hope Davis plays a significant role in bringing this novel to its current state of success.

Ann Patchett has the reputation of an acclaimed literary author and has also received the prestigious Orange Prize and the PEN/ Faulkner Award for her exceptional work as a high quality literary writer. The Commonwealth novel tells a highly engaging story of how a sudden romantic relationship alter lives of 2 families’ altogether.

On a Sunday afternoon in California, Bert Cousins came uninvited at the christening party arranged by Franny Keating. He already has kissed Beverly, mother of Franny, before evening. This set into motion the dissolution of their weddings and the union of two families.

Commonwealth for a period as long as 5 decades explored that how such a thing echoes through the lives of the 4 parents and as many as 6 children involved in it. Having the summer time together in Virginia, the Cousins and Keating kids falsify a long lasting union, which is actually based on a shared cynicism with their parents and also the sincere and strange affection, which cultivates between them.

Ann Patchett is credited with a number of other successful novels, which were primarily based on fiction and you get to know a different side of Ann and her characters in every other novel from the author. This is the Story of a Happy Marriage and The Dutch House are fictional novels as well, which are written Ann Patchett in her signature literary writing style.






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