Memories of Ice


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    Steven Erikson is regarded as the new maestro of epic fantasy. He is brilliant with his imagination, creativity and ability to create unique and inspiring situations in almost all of his novels. If you really want to experience all this then do checkout Deadhouse Gates novel that received fantastic reviews from the listeners. Another good option out of the archives of Steven Eriskson is Gardens of the Moon.

    The Memories of Ice is an epic science fiction fantasy. The books is part 3 of the Malazan Book of the Fallen novel series. Ralph Lister has done the narration for the first 2 novels of the subject series and was chosen for the 3rd one as well. The level of performance and tonal quality is consistent and outstanding in all the novels of this series by him.

    Memories of Ice

    Genabackis, the ravaged continent has finally given birth to a very terrifying new empire and that is the empire of Pannion Domin. It used to seethe all across the land just like some corrupted blood and also devouring all.

    In its way, you will find the most uneasy alliance ever which is the army of Onearm and the Bridgeburner Whiskeyjack along with the enemies. The enemies were the old armies of the Warlord Caladan Brood. The enemy forces also included Anomander Rake and then his Tiste Andii mages and finally the Rhivi occupants of the plains.

    However, on the other end, the ancient undead clans are also merging and then the T’lan Imass have also shaped up. It would seem something very gloomy altogether and then there is more malign, which is threatening the entire world and that too big time.

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