Deadhouse Gates

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    The Deadhouse Gates is an epic science fiction fantasy novel. The book is chapter 2 of the immensely grasping Malazan Book of the Fallen and became a highly anticipated one after the successful release of its prequel. The narration of this 34 hour long novel is done by Ralph Lister in a very professional and lively tone, which the audience would definitely love.

    Deadhouse Gates is written by Steven Erikson who is seen as an even more accomplished writer in the latter half of his career. Gardens of the Moon is the first chapter of the Malazan Book of the Fallen novel series and one of the highlighting novels of the author’s career. Midnight Tides is another awesome novel by the author that deserves to be mentioned here for the fictional book enthusiasts.

    Deadhouse Gates

    In the vastly huge dominion of the mighty Seven Cities, the Sha’ik and her followers get ready for the long-prophesied rebellion that is known as the Whirlwind. This all was something that is unprecedented in size and was total of a savagery. The ever-growing bloodlust and the fanaticism would go on to embroil the whole of the Malazan Empire. All this happened in the bloodiest conflicts ever in the Empire that reshaped destinies of many and also giving birth to many of the legends.

    This all is set in an extremely realized world that is ravaged by the dark and also some uncontrollable magic. The book describes thrilling experiences in war, betrayal and intrigue confirms with Steven Erikson as a brilliant storyteller. His originality, imagination and overall skills in literally writing. You will literally love this beautiful novel all through its narration.




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