Harley Merlin 8-Challenge of Chaos


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    Harley Merlin is up against the Challenge of Chaos in this highly intriguing novel. It is a masterpiece written by Bella Forrest, who already has earned the reputation of one of the finest writers in her contemporaries. The subject novel is part 8 of her Harley Merlin Series. It is a paranormal science fiction fantasy and that is enough to interest the book enthusiasts. The narration of this novel is given by Amanda Ronconi and she is getting better and better with every iteration in this fantastic Harley merlin saga.

    The tagline of this novel around which the entire story revolves is: If the hidden things are found so then only the mighty shall fall.

    Time is running and running out very quickly. Katherine is all set to sacrifice 12 of her magicals having some rare abilities, and that too for the sake of final ritual.

    Harley Merlin 8-Challenge of Chaos

    Harley Merlin has struggled a lot and she has lost a lot already. She is in no position for anymore sacrifice. She is fully determined to protect her folks at every cost. She would go to any extent for the cause, even if it asks her to go against the greatest level of the world and that too, all on her own.

    Harley is finally in possession of a weapon, which is capable enough to win over Katherine.

    Harley Merlin and the Secret Coven and Harley Merlin 9: Harley Merlin and the Mortal Pact novels are part of the Harley merlin series written by Bella Forrest. She is phenomenal with her literary writing in projecting the characters in a very interesting manner. This definitely makes these novels a must read, especially to listen to their audio versions.

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    1 thought on “Harley Merlin 8-Challenge of Chaos”

    1. Couldn’t even listen to this book…. TOTAL Downer…. the entire thing is a discouraging mess… I went to each chapter and listened long enough to hear the drivel & skipped to the next chapter…

      This Katherine thing has drug on tooooooo long…. Enough already…. !

      It is all about her pulling the Charlie Sheen “Winning” nonsense…. and the Rag team being slung through the mud…. and Harley chasing her bum…. Don’t waste your time….


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