Big Sky

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Jackson Brodie the ex-cop and detective tries to run away from dangers but the problems just come to his doorstep and then his extinct force him to take the things in his own hands. So many times he has helped the people in distress and he as a detective has solved cases that apparently had no leads at the beginning. It is a cool and calm village where Jackson lands with his son who is taken care of by Julia now.

Jackson knows the place like hell but he thinks that the quietness this time is spooky and it is not the kind that will bring peace to the village. First case that the author Kate Atkinson brings in front of the detective is an average case of a husband and wife.

During the investigation of the case Jackson is lead to the places he thought he would never go again. His past emerges with a different flavor and the secretly hidden agenda of the underworld is revealed to him not in a flash but rather quickly. Time to meet Reggie once again has come and fully fueled action is seen after that.

When Will There Be Good News? and One Good Turn were just trailers and here the action takes over. Along with mystery and suspense this part has horror too which can be felt through the talk between the main characters. Even Jackson looks a little scared when the case gets linked with something in the past that only he knows. Jason Isaacs’ voice quality decorates the mystery even further and one should not miss it at any cost.

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    When Will There Be Good News?

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