Birds of Prey

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    The war goes to the sea when Sir Francis Courtney and his trustworthy son Hal plan to face their enemy in their mighty ship. African colonies have faced the attacks of the enemies for many years and the time has come to eradicate the enemy and make the hold strong through the sea. Courtney’s family tries to keep its hold strong all the time and shows no mercy towards the enemy. When a ship of East Indian Company has seen the ship known as Lady Edwina attacks without a second thought on the orders of Sir Francis.

    Birds of Prey

    First-round is won as the Dutch ship had no chance against the mighty ship of the Courtney family. They destroyed the ship and arrested one of the Dutch traders whom they want to trade for ransom. During the whole expedition, Courtney’s failed to understand that they were going deep into the enemy zone where their hold was not strong enough to protect the ship. There were traitors from the inside that once again wanted the family rule to end on South Africa forever. Author Wilbur Smith talks about the whole battleground in this series.

    The author has discussed conspiracies against the family during Rage and Golden Fox also there is war in most of the parts against animals and deadly foes. Narrator Sean Barrett also has given nice support to the series through his voice which was well selected for it. No matter what the story was, the narrator was right on target all the time in dialogue delivery. Enemies lose the ground again here but the Courtney family gets terrible blows by the enemy in the form of life loss.

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    Golden Fox



    1 thought on “Birds of Prey”

    1. Stone cold mighty adventure told by a master storyteller at the height of his honed best , one’s self swears he lived these tales in previous lives , it’s told like experienced , you gotta know , an the line continues on with more thrilling books , you just gotta love this guy , mighty respect to all who tell and invent from within such gifts to us mere mortals , give it a whirl and the wind will carry you , health and peace upon all .


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