Blood Brothers

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The series is moving on in separate segments and though the writer calls it a series because the main characters are the same all the time but still the stories are different. There is no element of sequence found between the stories as each one of them is different from the other in a huge way. Thus it is up to you whether you start it from City of Screams, The Blood Gospel or can read it randomly the part of your own liking. James Rollins and Rebecca Cantrell have never tried to bound their audiences they just give you flavor that you can enjoy.

Arthur the dominant character of the story was a reporter in his youth and it was he who exposed the meanest murderer of his era. Arthur got all the fame after that but the one thing that he remained mourning about all his life was his brother Christian who disappeared when they were kids perhaps. Now about fifty years after the incident Arthur at once gets a message from a killer who is related to his brother’s incident in many ways. No one can stop himself when it comes to the family bonds, family love was absent in the previous two parts and now this one is all about family reunion. But the things are not that simple as they appear to be in opening, Arthur can lose his own life in the process as well.

Christian Baskous’ narration has now established a reputation along with the series and we cannot imagine the series without Christian’s voice. The narrator understands well the plot and the development of the story.



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    The Blood Gospel

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