The Blood Gospel

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“The Order of the Sanguines” touches different parts of the world that are usually not taken into consideration by most of the writers. The places are such which are not remotely connected to monsters and it is sheer evidence that James Rollins and Rebecca Cantrell wanted to add something new to literature. For this the writers have investigated a lot about the places their names and their culture. City of Screams a mission in Afghanistan that was led by Jordon Stone in order to investigate the killing of archeologists.

Now it is Israel that we hear about in the voice of Christian Baskous, the one who started the series with his voice. An earth quack leads to momentous happenings in this part as it revealed an old tomb of a girl who was mummified hundreds of years back. No one knows who she was or whether she had certain links with old kings or not.

Jordon and his team are called and the team is with an archeologist who is not in his full senses anymore still he is the one with all the knowledge. Soon they face an ambush and something is stolen from the temple that even hold secrets related to Christ’s divine powers. The book is thought to be written by Christ himself and the evil that has taken it is not of any ordinary sort.

The evil forces that need the secrets of the book are lead by a cunning force that cannot be outsmarted by any human being. Jordon and his team have no option rather to run and save their skin first of all before thinking anything about the rising devil.


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    City of Screams

    Blood Brothers


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