The Solomon Curse


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    It’s curiosity that keeps the Fargo couple going all their life; they have searched and brought to light all the hidden myths of the world. Only one legend that still intrigues them is the treasure of Solomon king. A treasure that is considered far bigger than anyone could imagine. The couple is so mad about the treasure that they move to Australia and then go to Japan as well just for the sake of clues that could give them a lead.


    We haven’t seen the two so desperate about something even in The Kingdom  and The Tombs. Finally they are provided with a lead by the rumors about the bay of Guadalcanal. It is said that the treasure of Solomon lies under those waters but whoever goes there whether ship or man vanishes into thin air. Sam and Remi needed nothing else in order to start their journey as there was suspense and a hunt for treasure in the clues.

    The Solomon Curse

    One thing about the couple is quite amazing i.e they never fear about their lives and above all never show any slackness in their missions. The two never try to get some time for them, their work is their passion and it is their work that keeps them united. Once again it’s a wonderfully knit story by Clive Cussler and Russell Blake.

    The two have did excellently in the sixth part as well. Scott Brick appears to be tried at times but that was because of the length of the novel and the extra details that the writers have added this time. The quality of the narration is still matchless and goes well with the tale that needed a narrator with strong vocal cords.


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