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No one can be fully prepared for a zombie apocalypse. Even the most meticulous planning has flaws that must be overcome by luck. When a group built impenetrable shelters years before the outbreak, they unknowingly left a legacy for the few survivors left. With hordes of undead swarming the earth and civilization in ruins, a small band clinging to life in South Carolina is given a second chance when they learn the shelters’ secrets.

Safe but confined on Mud Island, they face hard choices – remain hidden or fight back against the apocalypse. They must retain their humanity while adapting to the brutality of this new world. When they discover a massive shelter in Charleston, dwarfing their own, it brings them one step closer to reclaiming the world for the living. This is their continuing battle against the ravenous infected and the living who would take what is theirs.


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War and Peace


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