Blood Magick

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Blood Magick is the 3rd and ultimate novel in The Cousins O’Dwyer trilogy. It is written masterfully by Nora Roberts, who is credited with a big range of novels and her archives are full with many successful novels as well. It is a contemporary romantic novel with a great storyline to mesmerize audiences. Susan Ericksen this time is given the opportunity to mesmerize audience with all her great expressions and a soulful tone.

County Mayo is known to be a place in Ireland with rich traditions. The traditions were fully embraced and practiced by Branna all through her live and even in her job as The Dark Witch shop’s proprietor. The shop has everything from lotions, soaps and candles for the tourists, where all the items used to have a special touch from Branna herself.

The strength and the selflessness of Branna used to hold together a very close circle of family and friends, and along with their hawks and horses and also the dear hound as well. But, there is a definite and a significant missing link in her life, which was ‘love’.

That love she had once for a while with Finbar Burke, but a shared future between them is completely forbidden through blood and history. This was actually the reason that Fin has spent a good part of his life, while traveling into different parts of the world and fill in the abyss left inside him due to Branna. This also helped him to focus more on his work, rather than his passion.

Dark Witch and Shadow Spell are other two novels from The Cousins O’Dwyer trilogy. All of these together makes a fantastic read, which should be ensured to have a marvelous and a joyous literary ride.




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