The Next Person You Meet in Heaven


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    This is not the first time Mitch Albom has started describing something about heaven in his own way. This is actually a sequel to the grand hit The Five People You Meet in Heaven that came up with new thoughts that tend to differ from the concepts that we have heard since the beginning of time. In that previous book, the author told us about a man who went to heaven, and there he met five men who talked to him about his earthly life.

    Thus heaven was not of the type that he was expecting. Also, Eddie is given time to think that what are the things he has done right or wrong in life. Now it’s another character named Annie who is following in the same footsteps. Annie was the girl whom Eddie saved in the accident because of which he died. Annie lost one of her hands in the accident which had to be repaired later on.

    The Next Person You Meet in Heaven

    The accident changed her life in a way that she wasn’t able to comprehend. She became a source of fun for the people present around and she thought that she would never get a peaceful life. Then Paulo returned to her life who used to love her when she was young.

    The old love healed Annie a lot but on the night of the wedding she too faced an accident and woke up in heaven where Eddie was waiting for her. Have a Little Faith can be picked for the next night and the concept of faith will keep on going and sooner or later you are going to love these thoughts.

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