Blue Smoke

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Blue Smoke is a top tier novel by Nora Roberts. It is a romantic novel, which has some great suspense all through its storyline. The narration of this novel is done by Joyce Beans, who has done a fabulous job with all the appreciative words from the fans and critics that he received.

The immense blaze that night as the family owned pizzeria changed the entire life of Reena Hale in more ways than one only. Relatives and neighbors would get together in order to support Reena Hale and her family to get safely through this crisis and eventually rebuild. The authorities of Baltimore would be definitely arresting the culprit sooner rather than later. But, just as Reena Hales look into the fire, she beheld the brutal beauty of the fire and also the immensely destructive power. Her destiny was changing and taking a new shape.

She would like to struggle, study and walk down the gauntlet in order to understand and subsequently master the terrible forces that it had. And one day, she could then manage to become an investigator herself.

But, it is not only her who is fascinated by the fames. There is someone else as well who could see through the powers of flames as well. And is obsessed deeply with not only the desire of conquering the fire, but also with the desire of controlling it and maximizing it to take the vicious revenge.

Montana Sky and Public Secrets are other top quality novels that Nora Roberts have written. They are widely read and listened in their audio format due to the quality of its content, story and the performance.




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