Trouble on Paradise


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    It is a nice sequel to the previous part in which we were told that an ideal planet was found by the “Flying Dutchman” and the humans were safely transported to that Paradise. As a final resort for the human race established base and residential apartments there and just when everything was working fine a message from Colonel Joe brought havoc at the end of Paradise.

    The team of the pirate ship is on vacation this time as it was tired because of continuous toil and now the crew thought that it was over. They have saved the human race from going extinct in the cosmos. But all their luxuries are dashed to the ground when they hear about the trouble in Paradise. Major Emily Perkins team fights against the aliens that were already present on the planet and she needs backup.

    Trouble on Paradise

    Leaving the leisure behind the team once again come to the planet for a fight of a lifetime as the enemy is stronger than ever and they have everything to die for. Craig Alanson in the voice of R.C. Bray changes science fiction into an action pack thriller. The do or die situation for the humans really bring out the savageness that has been there all the time.

    The fight is not with the weapons in the end, it appears a fight between barbarians and savages who fight for their land as they slaughter each other in the battle field. The entrance of the characters is also dramatic and the subplots are just awesome, appealing to the mind all the time as the listener sinks deeper into it.

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