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Poison Orchids

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Sarah A. Denzil comes up here with a mind blowing mystery thriller novel. It is highly grasping due to the exciting suspense it has. Anny Taylor also supported Sarah A. Denzil in the writing of this standalone novel. Narration of this novel was done by Aimee Horne, which was a good performance.

Poison Orchids is a dark and highly compelling new thriller from the author-duo of Sarah A. Denzil and Anni Taylor. The story in this novel revolves around Hayley and Gemma, who are backpackers and they together arrive at a remote farm somewhere in the Northern Territory of Australia.

Poison Orchids

They were financially broke and were desperate to get some work. It was a fruit farm and after several weeks, they were into fruit picking and campfires, and also at times paddling just beneath the local waterfalls, which were part of the nearby hot springs. One night, both the girls found themselves right in the middle of a highway and were intensely bloodied and bruised.

This is when the Bronwen McKay, senior detective and Megan Arlotti, a psychologist comes into the scene with their questioning from the terrified and bruised girls. But, both Gemma and Harley were telling two completely different stories that what all had happened with them during the last three months. It was impossible to figure out then that who was lying and who was telling the truth.

Sarah A. Denzil had written a good number of exciting novels. You will never be short of option if you want to read or listen to something exciting from the author. A couple of authors to be recommended that are written from Sarah A. Denzil are The Liar’s Sister and One for Sorrow.


The Dominion Key

The Liar’s Sister


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