Rain Dogs


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    Rain Dogs is the 5th book from the Detective Sean Duffy book series and another fabulous story authored by the contemporary writer, Adrian McKinty. He is sharp, witty and consequential with all his characters and their depiction in the setting of a great detective story. Gerard Doyle with his powerful voice and professional tone did the narration of this book, which is a great plus for the audience to enjoy.

    Rain Dogs

    Things were very repetitive for detective Sean Duffy with all the heartbreak, riot duty and investigating murders. He could solve the cases but never ever get to the court room. But, Sean Duffy got two locked room murder mysteries in a single career, which was shocking.

    This time, a journalist, Lily Bigelow gets killed in Carrickfergus castle courtyard. With all the initial evidences, it looked like a suicide case. However, there were quite a few things that were bothering Duffy and were big enough to not let the case file be closed. He later finds out that Bigelow had his work cut out over a daunting investigation case of abuse and corruption at very high levels in UK and even beyond.

    Detective Sean Duffy now has two critical problems to tackle at his desk. The first is to find out that who killed Bigelow and the second one is that what they were actually trying to hide from everyone ?

    The Cold, Cold Ground and The Chain are other popular novels penned by Adrian McKinty, which are part of the same Detective Sean Duffy series, but have their own individuality as well. You must check these novels to get the true essence of the series, which will mesmerize you to the core.


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