The Chain

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The Chain is a sensational novel that talks about human miseries in a normal life setting, which everyone could relate to. The novel is written by Adrian McKinty, who is genuinely a contemporary writer and showing his class in every chapter of this book. The narration of the book is done by January LaVoy in a very pleasing and professional tone, which you will surely admire.

The story produced by Adrian McKinty is totally original, refreshing and propulsive. The story is about nightmares and the most memorable and defining criminal voices that you would ever hear in years to come. The story plots depicted by the author entice you to read at top speed and even you want to hear the narration nonstop for this 10 hours long book.

The story is about strong female characters who goes on to produce nail biting thrilling situations. You will see the circumstances that tests the love of parents and will find out that how far a parent of a child could go in the love of his child or to protect him from anything.

In short, the most exciting story with a very convincing plot that will keep you hooked with the twist and the turns of the story throughout its span. You will have no choice other than to believe genuinely in the story of the characters involved in this book.

Adrian McKinty other popular and famous novels include The Cold, Cold Ground and Gun Street Girl. Both are exceptionally well written and equally well narrated. You will definitely have a good time listening to the amazing narration of these two novels as well.










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