Burn-Dark in You

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Suzanne Wright brings lust and love together in this first book associated to the demon world. Harper Wallis belongs to the demon world but she is totally different from the rest of the demons that live in the demon lair. Harper is a tattooist by profession and dominating others or bring out the devil inside her is something that she has never tried. Her so called mate i.e Knox Thorne is totally different as compared to her. Knox is the totally dominating type as he is the boss of the lair in Las Vegas.

The alpha thinks that there is something in Harper that attracts him and because of this he wants to be with her on the streets and in bed as well. Harper cannot decide that whether the decision is hers to make. Knox breed is not known to the demon world and also there exists a strange evil inside him that can destroy everything in its path if let loose.

With all these threats in mind Harper tries to run away from the billionaire demon but then other dangers surround her, the sort that only Knox can deal with. As the Prime or Alpha of the lair Knox does not like those who come close to anything that belongs to him. And Harper is the future mate of Knox so he stands against all the dangers that approach her.

Cat Doucette narrates love and aggression at the same time in Knox’s character. Knox’s character was the most difficult to deal with in the story by the narrator because there is a lot of variety in that being. Blaze and Ashes will decide that whether the love is true love or there are more secrets hidden in Knox’s past that he is hiding. So far it is a one sided love that the novel tells us about because Harper is with Knox only because she needs his help.


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    Blaze-Dark in You


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