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Painting a memoir was an uphill task for Burt Reynolds because he has never written any material about himself before. Burt Reynolds Reads Robert B. Parker and The Greatest American Poetry provided the much needed experience in narration but the creation was different for Reynolds that’s why he took the help of Jon Winokur. For a very long time Reynolds was leading everything in Hollywood and this means that he had more chances of getting entangled in scandals of different sort.

There was a time when the author got the number one position for five consecutive years. Now looking back to all those times of the past, Reynolds thinks that he has been a stupid guy on most occasions because he was not that mature. With the passage of time he realized his mistakes and learnt the art to stay on the top in an industry which does not allow you to make even a single mistake. Several of the co-stars also helped him during the rise.

Reynolds especially mentions those names who have been like guiding stars for him, at the same time he also mention the name of those guys who have been stupid and destroyed their careers because of their careless attitude.

Football was basically the thing which Reynolds liked the most but because of an accident he wasn’t able to compete well in the field. However his journey in Hollywood brought him equal amount of fame and he got the status which he wanted to achieve at the beginning of his career. The financial issues also troubled him but at this stage in his life he has got rid of all the devils.

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