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    Shayne Silvers is a famous American writer. This memoir “Carnage” is one of his more popular publications and Joel Richards’s renowned narration. It is the result of his unparalleled work that he has been honored with several awards. These mentioned books Nate Temple Series: Books 4-6 and Nate Temple Series: 0-3 are his renowned books.

    The divine beings never ought to have messed everything up. Nate Temple has been kidnapped by “Zeus” and is tossed into the center of an “Olympian family” fight that could start the “Omega War” without help from anyone else. There is one weapon that “Zeus” accepted by hoping will switch things around. However, his disregard left it on earth for a long time and Pandora has tracked down another expert “Nate Temple” to help out. Since Zeus put one thing inside the container that he never ought to have hope.


    Nate will require each partner and each apparatus available to him to get an opportunity at making due. The main issue is that none of those partners know where he is, however they are scouring the world to track down him. Before it is past the point of no return the main way out of this craziness is for “Nate” to confront old evil presences, join lifelong companions and outsmart plans that have spread over many years. The “Dread Four” should ride to save their sibling, the “Horseman of Hope” or everything will burn. Silvers tore up and consumed twelve books worth of foretelling and development. Both “Rising and Carnage” might have been a splendid start of the end this series merited however currently it is simply money gets no worth anymore.

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