Chasing Fire

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Chasing Fire is a standalone novel written by Nora Roberts. It is a contemporary fictional book with a super inspiring storyline for the audience. The narration of this 15-hour long book is done by Rebecca Lowman, whose performance for widely appreciated for the quality of tone and extremely powerful expressions.

The little else is known to be as dangerous as the jumping fire. Flyting well past the pillars of smoke, getting down to the brink of a blaze through a parachute, sawing and shoveling for hours after hours, all to hold the line and force against the raw control of the Mother Nature.

But, the little else is also as thrilling or at least that’s what Rowan Tripp thinks. The smoke jumpers of Missoula are one of the topmost squads of firefighters in the entire nation and that job is within the blood of Rowan. Her father was known as a huge legend in the field. She has been fighting with fires right since her 18th birthday.

At this point of time, returning back to the Montana wilds for the season is just like coming back to home, even with the memories of the partner that she has lost in the last season. That thought used to still haunt her, but still it is good for her to be back home. A lot of fortunate and unfortunate things are waiting to happen.

Nora Roberts has a diverse skillset in literary writing and this is one of the reasons that why her literary writing archives is so rich with successful novels. The Liar and Whiskey Beach are quality novels by Nora Roberts that you should consider about listening to.






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