Children of Ruin

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The next volume of the epic series by Adrian Tchaikovsky explains the true origin of the Terraforming planet and its transformation.

The people of the earth launched a program in the stars for the finding of a similar planet like that of our earth about a thousand years ago so that an alternative to the mother earth can be created. Luckily they found Nod a planet similar to the earth but it was not found empty. As there were alien life present and Nod which the scientists from the earth overwrote and took hold of the planet within no time.

However, as the program was evolving the planet earth collapsed because of certain reasons. One of which was of course war and the whole mission was abandoned. And now when an alternate planet was needed the search led the human race or what was left of it to Nod once again.

As the terraformers reach the planet for a survey it awakes something that has been waiting for the human race for a thousand years. And its tone does not appear to be welcoming at all.

The novel is a wonderful follow up of Children of Time and reveals many secrets that were remain buried in the first part perhaps to increase the curiosity in the story. The connection is also well established by the writer which was the right thing to do otherwise it would have lost its impact on the reader’s mind.

Mel Hudson continues narrating the series in a rhythmic manner which is also a treat to hear as the voice suits the story and the situations in it.

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    Children of Time

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