Cibola Burn

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The Expanse novel series is quite tempting and audience love to wait for the sequels right after they finish with one chapter. So, here is James S. A. Corey again with an outstanding chapter in this science fiction novel series. The novel is Cibola Burn and this is the fourth installment in the saga.

Everything is just perfect to which the majority of the audience are used to as in the first three chapters of the series. One thing that remains consistent so far is the voice of Jefferson Mays, who managed to pull off a stunner once again with his emotional, grasping and rightly pitch voice.

Having a completely empty apartment with the complete family missing sounds too creepy. But, this is just like having a military base with absolutely no one there. Tanks and soldiers moving right on the runway with absolutely no drivers driving them. This is not expected and quite bad juju. Something absolutely weird happened here. The thing needed to be done here is to ask everyone thee to leave.

The gates opened a world of countless new worlds with their opening. The expected rush to colonize all these new worlds has got started. The residents are looking to start their lives afresh. Ilus became the first of many colonies of mankind, who were being born in hell of fire and blood everywhere. Things just went from bad to worse as many innocent scientists were slaughtered just upon their initiative to initiate a survey in that new alien world.

Abaddon’s Gate and Leviathan Wakes novels are product of James S. A. Corey. Both these science fiction novels are an integral part of The Expanse novel series and promises to entertain you beyond imagination.





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  1. Can you put up the jefferson mays version please? This voice actor’s work is serviceable, but mays’ is no doubt much better.


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