Cities of the Plain

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The first two books introduced John Grady and Billy i.e two boys who struggled hard in their early life because of the tragedies that they faced during the crossing of the border. The crossing of the border during All the Pretty Horses and The Crossing made the two-loss many precious things including the innocence they once enjoyed in their youth. Now as grown-up men they have taken charge as the cowboys in New Mexico. Cormac McCarthy does not talk much about the personality of these two guys in this third episode because the audience already knows what they are capable of. So we come directly to the story after listening to the scenery in the voice of Frank Muller.

During John’s visit to a brothel in this trilogy, he falls in love with one of the prostitutes there. Together the two start planning for a new life across the border but the cruel owner who also happens to be the lover of that prostitute just could not hold up with all this. Thus the girl was killed before she could cross the border with John, John after seeing her tried to avenge her but he also died in the process.

The ending of the story is just heart touching in which the audience again witness Billy left all alone in the world. He does not have a place to live even; restarting life seems to be tough for him now. However slowly he rises to his feet after burying another one who was dear to him and tries to set foot in life once again. There is no surety after the end whether Billy remained successful in surviving or not because he is broken.

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