Conspiracy in Death

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What can be done when everyone on the street is under threat of being murdered at the hands of a killer who never leaves a mark on the crime sight. The murderer appears to be without a definite aim this time and people are of the view that this one kills for pleasure. Killing for pleasure would mean that the killer will not stop on his own someone else had to put an end to all this madness that will keep on growing after every murder. The department once again comes to the famous Lt.

Eve Dallas who has gained quite fame in solving mysteries with murders attached. Eve has fought deadliest of criminals in parts like Holiday in Death and Midnight in Death but never have she seen such sort of murders. The one who is killed never had any injury on his body and there were no signs of struggle as well but still his heart was gone. It appears to be a type of laser surgery as the cut is clean and accurate with no pools of blood and no use of knife and scalpel. It seems to be the doings of an expert surgeon.

It’s not a tough thing to find surgeons as they are usually few in the city but Eve confronts another problem as well i.e the problem of her job. Her job hangs in the balance all of a sudden and the case becomes a tough one for her within no time.

It becomes tough for her to decide that which issue she should solve first. Susan Ericksen depicts the confused state of Eve brilliantly through her narration and has been a treat to listen.



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