Cutting Edge

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Ward Larsen changes a simple story of a coast guard rescuer into a thriller by adding extra spice of science and technology and of course a little bit action form secret military service that wants its lab rat back in the lab for further tests and investigations in order to check that whether their experiment was a success or not. Trey DeBolt the resident of the cutting edge faces a severe accident of a helicopter crash in which he proves to be the only survivor but the thing that confuses him the most after coming to life is that he finds himself several miles away from the place where the accident or the crash originally took place and also the hint form the nurse that he was officially dead pounds his head all the time.

Soon the whole scene changes when the nurse is killed outside the camp in which Trey was kept, but Trey escapes the slaughtering by the help of a vision that he had out of nowhere. Later he comes to know that he had certain powers which an average person can never have; he had become a victim to army experimentation and that why the army wants him back to keep their research a secret from the outside world. P.J Ochlan has narrated the story in his own thrilling passion which has surely made the novel more exciting and a delight for the weekend. The story never lets you sit and relax for a moment even as all the scenes are well knit together that we cannot skip any of it if we want to understand the whole story in the first attempt.      


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