Zodiac Academy 2


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    Story started when the audience got introduced to the Gemini who wasn’t clear about her powers. When she came to the academy she thought she would not be able to survive under the circumstances as everyone was against her because she was the heir to the throne. Slowly she found love and friendship in this hellish world and with the help of her friends and newly acquired powers she started getting stronger.

    Then she reached a state where she thought she would be able to survive along with her friends till the last year. None of them were ready for the upcoming danger which they weren’t told about previously. Caroline Peckham and Susanne Valenti have tried to make the series more serious in the second episode because it is not about the life of the main character anymore rather it is about the world.

    Zodiac Academy 2

    Bridget Bordeaux and Jake Bordeaux narrate the second part in which the Celestial Heirs finally understand the true power of their enemy and the threat which could eat them up. Being together is the only way they can survive and if they fail to keep the group united then they would be eaten up one by one and their enemies would enjoy it was well.

    Shadow Princess and The Reckoning are coming next and the big war cannot be stooped at any rate. Those who will survive after the war would be considered as victorious and the true heirs to the throne which can belong to anybody. There is an element of lust and greed which is not side lined in any of the parts and in the end it will play a major role.

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    Zodiac Academy

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