Debt of Bones

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Debt of Bones is the book 0.5 of the Sword of Truth Series. It is written by Terry Goodkind. The novel is based on contemporary science fiction fantasy and something, which will mesmerize the audience with its emphatic plot and even better characterization. Not to miss out about mentioning the amazing narration of this novel, which is done by Sam Tsoutsouvas.

The novel details a story of struggle of young Abby. The struggle was particularly about winning the help of Zedd Zorander, the wizard, who is the most influential man alive on the planet earth.

Abby is badly trapped and not just between either sides of the wat, but also in a mortal dispute between the 2 most influential men. The power owned by Zedd was something that most men could only imagine to have. Abby being granted the request would actually mean to abandon his sacred duty. With the final battle in full swing to save the life of a kid, but neither could ever manage to go beyond the shadow of a prehistoric betrayal.

The only obvious chance for them could only be the debt of bones, especially when the time was running out very quickly. The entire world for Abby, Zedd and for everyone would never be the same ever again. The future looks very gloomy and uncertain. A lot is at stake for the characters involved and the other people around them. Will they be able to achieve all what they had wish for?

Wizard’s First Rule and Faith of the Fallen are a couple of other amazing novels by Terry Goodkind, which will leave you in awe of the writer.





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