Deliverance Lost


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    Deliverance Lost is chapter 18 of The Horus Heresy mega novel series. The novel is written by Gav Thorpe, who managed to keep the momentum alive from the last chapter of the series and also contributed with high quality literary writing work. The book is a contemporary science fiction. The narration of this chapter is done by Gareth Armstrong, who as usual has pulled off a great performance.

    Just by the time, when the Warmaster Horus divides the Imperium, Corax along with some of his leftover Raven Guard manages to flee off from the massacre that happened at Isstvan V. Nursing to their sustained wounds and injuries, the Space Marines started to restock their numbers and then return to the fray, while continuing to take their fight to the treacherous Warmaster Horus.

    Deliverance Lost

    Completely distressed at the very crippling setback dealt with his own Legion, Corax gets back to Terra in order to get the much needed help of his father, who is actually the Emperor of Mankind and at that time, had a lot of power and influence to do a lot of things, which at one time apparently looks to be impossible.

    After getting the access to all the ancient top secrets, Corax started to rebuild the entire Raven Guard. It was also thought about setting up his revenge against all his brother primarchs, who were considered to be traitors. But, this is not true for all the remaining warriors of Corax, who they actually appear to be.

    The Devastation of Baal and Descent of Angels are other beautiful novels, which the novelist, Gav Thorpe has written. Both the mentioned ones are also fictional novels.


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