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The Deryni series including Chronicles of the Deryni (Books 1-3) by Katherine Kurtz – Katherine Kutrz is based on fantasy that has a hint of history attached to it as well. Katherine Kurtz has nit the parts of the series quite well the series is based on five trilogies with short stories mostly and there is also one novel in the series that is not linked with the rest and thus the whole thing is a nice experiment in the world of literature.

The series starts with the introduction of the eleven kingdoms in the land of Gwynedd. The kingdoms are fictional and thus we expect everything in them like magic which could be good or evil, also there are political issues as well that could be observed in the courts of the different countries. The stories take us to the 10th, 11th and the 12th century in England and also Scotland, the days when church was in power and most are Roman Catholic ones of course.

There is lot of religion involved in the stories because of the era that the writer uses throughout. The government of the countries also is based on Monarchs that take the place of their ancestors after their death and follow the hereditary principle of ruling. The novel basically tells us about the competition between two races, one is the human race and the second one is the race of Deryni who in appearance look like human beings but they possess certain mind controlling powers and also magical powers that make them a bit superior to humans in competition.

The series presents two groups one who want to join hands with the Deryni and the other that wants to keep themselves away from the whole thing thus this thing creates a problem in the life of the main characters and also the life of the local people around.      

Camber of Culdi




Heirs of Saint Camber


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