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Mark Tufo after telling us about the whole zombie thing now comes to the origin and this has been the pattern of the author he makes an appealing start and never tells us about the main cause. Now out of nowhere comes this concrete base of everything in which one can expect lye the cure or solution to this big problem as well. All of us know that everything started in the first part Zombie Fallout  because of a virus that engulfed everyone within no time.

What was the type of the virus or where it came from was never told, we only know one thing that it spread fast. Now some who are in their senses think that it’s like an epidemic while some on the other hand think that it was created intentionally by a mad man. The theories have no proof and thus no solution as well, now for the conclusion or final disposal of the problem the human race needs an answer.

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The book has more explanation and the story is not in continuation to the trilogy but provides a base to it. Action there but it is from a narrative point of view because of which Sean Runnette does not try to overdo things in the narration. The voice is plain and simple no screams or fight scenes are discussed at any of the levels. The prologue of the trilogy makes contact with it after one third of the book is up and this thing can make most people a bit bored but then the match is not just a patch it is a solid fusion.

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