Dry Bones

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Dry Bones is the 11th chapter of the Walt Longmire series and you will see its author, Craig Johnson at the best of his literary skills. Once again, the chosen person for the narration of Dry Bones novel is George Guidall, who has made the audio book experience for all the fans quite a remarkable one.

Jen was known to be the largest Tyrannosaurus rex skeleton, which was found somewhere within the jurisdiction of Longmire. This discovery happened to be a windfall for the Dinosaur Museum of High Plains, but only until Danny Lone Elk dead body was found. His body was recovered from the same property, where the remains were found. The body was recovered from a turtle pond, which was floating with his face down.

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As expected, millions of dollar were at stake with such a scenario, so a large number of individuals and groups came forward to claim. This list also include family of Danny, and as well as the federal government.

As the make-shift deputy attorney of Wyoming and a group of FBI officials came to the town, Walt was fully determined to find out that who could benefit the most from the death of Danny. For this job, he teamed up with his oldest close buddy, Lucian Connolly, Omar Rhoades, his loyal Dog and finally his best mate henry Standing Bear as well. Thy trawled towards the massive Lone Elk ranch and started looking for the clues to get satisfactory answers to a cold case of 65 million years old, which is just getting heating up fast at the moment.

The Cold Dish and The Western Star novels are from the Walt Longmire series as well and deserves your time to listen to these audio books.





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