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Science fictions can rule the hearts if they start in a good motion otherwise the whole effort would be dashed to the ground. Nicholas Sansbury Smith always comes with new concepts in hand. At first the author gained a lot of fame when he wrote Hell Divers VIII: King of the Wastes and The Orbs Series Box Set: Books 1-4.

The books have one thing in common i.e the human race on most occasions face threats from the outside world because of which it creates new heroes that can emerge as saviors. “Engine” is the new group that is formed by the people of the earth in order to fight against the enemy Coalition. The squad known as the Shadow is led by Captain Akira who has been an example for all the Engine.

For decades this squad has accomplished tasks and has done its duty quite brilliantly but the Nova Alliance restoration site has been damaged by the enemy this time. This means that the planet is slowly going to die if nothing is done at a quick pace. The Engines might not be enough as an alliance is needed from the whole of humanity.

The E-Day is the occasion everyone is looking for including Hayashi who has very little hope in her heart at this point. Apeiron is also something which can bring peace to the world because it is designed for it but the leader of the Engine is not sure about it either. R.C. Bray narrates in the same old accent once again and perhaps this was the demand of the scene too as everything was connected to war.

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    Violence Begets…



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