Edge of Eons

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Darren Hultberg surely put everything in this book to make it captivating and engrossing. The narration by Andrew Tell is also spot on. He read the roles of each character as if they were in visible life with him.

Like the first book, it will be interesting to see how the author presents the next books of the book to see if he will carry the readers along. If he does that, this book will certainly be one of the best series for fantasy and science fiction lovers.

This is a fantasy novel with pretty good characters and a great story. Just like The Slayer by the same author. Edge of Eons is a suspense-packed novel from the beginning right till the end. But the way the main character was presented in the book, you may find it a bit difficult to relate his role with happenings in the real world.

As a cop, Roy is a unique one with a chip planted into his head. This chip enables him to see the strengths and weaknesses of other people.

However, it seems he did not utilize his advantage properly as he was killed while trying to catch a cop killer. Roy was now transported to another world where he wakes up and finds out there are more dangers in his new environment.

He has to double his strengths to fight and kill the different monsters he found in his present world.

The killers and enemies in his present world are too tough to handle ordinarily. But Roy is able to deal with them because of the chip that was installed in his brain in his previous world.

The novel may not be what everyone will enjoy, but if you are a lover of adventures and science fiction, you will love every bit of this one.

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