Eragon Audiobook: The Inheritance Cycle, Book 1

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Eragon: Inheritance Book One

This book is about Eragon, a boy who discovers a dragon egg in the wild one day and when it hatches, he is set off on a trip that takes him across Alagalsia and other places. Eragon gains magical powers and meets Brom who is a teacher, but then the king wants him because of his power and for being a Dragon rider. Eragon encounters Saphira, who joins him in travelling outside their land’s boundaries to fight for Varden, the king’s enemies. Eragon defeats the wizard, Durza who is a Shade, and saves Varden together with the dwarves.

While he is hunting, Eragon comes across a rock in Alagalsia and takes it to the farm of his uncle, close to Carvahall. He asks the people what they think of the rock, but it is unknown to them. One day, the rock starts cracking open, and out comes a dragon. Eragon touches the newborn dragon and he feels an energy bolt crack his body, that makes a silver, and oval scar on his palm. Eragon quickly hides the dragon, not letting his uncle nor cousin see it.

Eragon: The Inheritance Cycle By Christopher Paolini

The dragon is growing fast and then strangers arrive in town asking about the dragon egg, and Eragon leaves taking Saphira with him. When they come back, Eragon sees his farmhouse ruined and his uncle is wounded. When Eragon has recovered from the event, he leaves Carvahall with Brom and Saphira.

Eragon and Brom starts to look for the Ra’zac so they can kill it because they are responsible for Garrow’s death. Brom gives Eragon lessons about the elven’s secret language that is going to make Eragon and Saphira powerful.

Eragon discovers an oil with poison, so he takes Brom with him to visit Teirm to find where it came from. When they reach Teirm, Angela the witch gives Eragon a prediction of his fortune telling Eragon that he will live a long life, but he needs to flee from Alagalsia. While at Teirm, Eragon’s power grows.

You can continue with Eragon’s journey by listening to this audiobook…  

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