Eternal Kiss of Darkness

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The Night Huntress World introduces another daring girl who enters into the world of demons accidentally. Kira Graceling from her childhood thought about the vampire as an imaginary thing that doesn’t exist in the real world at all.

After becoming a private investigator her prime focus has remained to help those in trouble. She has devoted herself fully to the service of mankind and just cannot stop herself when she hears the painful sound of a human. It all starts on an ordinary night when she during her traveling to a distant place heard the sound of help from a compound. Kira thought that a human soul is in trouble thus walking away was an inhuman thing to do.

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So she just jumped into the situation and saved the human who was in trouble. After saving the man she realized that he looked different in appearance and ironically he was not a man at all. Rather the one who was saved was originally a vampire and saving him made Kira his favorite human female. He got attracted to her at the first glance and wanted to have her for eternity.

Taking her to the demon world could endanger Kira’s life but the vampire just cannot leave her unguarded as well. Madly engaged in love the vampire finds himself in a fix in Jeaniene Frost’s latest narrated once again by Tavia Gilbert.

Wicked Bite and First Drop of Crimson developed the intensity of love at later stages; here it begins in the first introduction of the two characters. Kria the female character does not develop love at first because she comes closer to the vampire just to show mercy from the vampire it is pure lust from the first interaction. Member Benefit

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