The Body Keeps the Score


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    Bessel van der Kolk presents to us the ways of a happy living in his style. The author negates all the old philosophies about taking drugs as a final solution to the trauma. He is of the view that the old techniques were not of hundred percent benefits because they had flaws in them and removing the flaws can make them work perfectly.

    The Body Keeps the Score

    Drugs only provide the mind some peace for a limited period when the effect of the drug wears off the problem remains with the same intensity. Taking medicine or drug means just trying to hide from the main issues for a while by making your mind forcefully go to sleep. The real remedy lies in things like sports which make your mind think differently and when you win in a game you develop a sense of achievement in you. Your worries disappear not for a while but forever and your mind becomes stronger than before.

    Then come the yoga and meditation exercises which soothe the mind and cleanse it from all the anxieties and tensions. There is no parallel to these things if they are used properly and accurately under the supervision of an expert.

    A soothing voice was needed for the depiction of this motivating book that’s why Sean Pratt was chosen. Sean narrates it slow and in a relaxed way to present this book as a therapy for the tired heart. Words are uttered in such melody that they get embedded into our minds like a message for personal development and motivation for the rest of life.

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