Fangs for the Memories

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Fangs for Memories is the 11th book in the beautiful Half-Moon Hollow novel series. It is a product of novelist Molly Harper, who had proved her worth as a top literary writer time and again. You will find all her characters and the entire storyline is just perfectly in sync with the liking of the audience. The writing style of Molly Harper is quite addictive and you cannot resist listening to more of her novels. In order to get a good look in her other literary writing masterpieces, do check out A Witch’s Handbook of Kisses and Curses and Changeling.

Amanda Ronconni has given her voice for the novel. She along with her professional acting skills managed to make it a complete audio performance. It was mainly the best expression that she could give with her voice, which totally justified the persona of the characters that she played.

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The supernatural social event of Half-Moon Hollow is right on its way. It is the most waited event of the season. It is actually the Titanic-themed wedding party of Zeb, which is just round the corner. Dick Cheney is also here, which is desperate for a date. But Andrea was done with him and had enough of her handsome, clever and confidence to last long for an entire lifetime. On the other end, Dick Cheney was certainly not a type of man who someone would bring home to mom. Moreover, it was also not a about the deadest parents of Andrea who are talking to her since she left college halfway and became a blood surrogate. Dick was definitely the last person, which Andrea would consider to go on a date with.

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