Fatal Voyage


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Temperance Brennan never thought that she would get attached to a case that would be related to her daughter in a tragic way. Well you cannot say no to a disaster when it approaches in the form of a flood, earth quack or a plane crash. Just when Tempe hears the news of a plane crash in North Carolina she rushes to the place because she is among the squad that will investigate the matter.

Also she wants to confirm that whether her daughter was on that plane or not because she too was planned to ride on the same plane. Dead bodies are everywhere and of course what is left for the investigation now is the reason behind the crash. There could be many reasons for a plane crash, first one is the mechanical issue and the second one is a terrorist attack. But this particular plane was carrying an important prisoner too and there is a possibility that someone wanted to get rid of that prisoner in mid air.

Fatal Voyage

Such controversies could lead to some of the people in the government even thus the FBI wants Tempe to get off the case. This happens to her for the first time because in Deja Dead and Death du Jour the officials were actually calling her for help and here they want to get rid of her. Tempe along with Andrew Ryan starts her own investigation and is ready to get to the bottom of all this. Kathy Reichs in Kate Harper’s voice knits conspiracies for Tempe to solve in this thriller and the forensic specialist proves that she is not bad as a detective too.


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