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The fans of Mitch Albom know that whenever they are getting a book written by Mitch, they are bound to hear his voice as the narrator of the book too. Here things were a little different because the author was not narrating a concept rather it is a tale that needs emotion and enthusiasm in the voice of the narrator. Mitch has molded his style of narration a little for this purpose. More effort was not necessary because the story is linked to Mitch’s life and he knew where to put the stress.

Chika was born in Haiti during the year of the great earthquake. Actually, she was born three days before the earthquake thus she saw only poverty and worn out buildings when she grew up and there was nothing else present in the village to see or enjoy. Chika lost her mother as well when she was just a kid and after the death of her mother, she was brought to an orphanage which was created and operated by Mitch and his wife. For some time everything went well for Chika and the rest of the people around her.

Later Chika developed some sort of illness that wasn’t curable. Mitch and his wife took the girl to America and also to other parts of the land so that she could be cured. During this time Mitch got really close to the girl and he was able to see the innocence present in her eyes. Have a Little Faith and The Five People You Meet in Heaven had concepts while this book has reality in it. Mitch also became emotional at certain points while narrating this story because it is attached to his life.

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