Fire and Ice

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A little more effort from Macleod Andrews is a very good sign for the book, the narrator’s performance in the first part was a little doubtful. Pronunciation of the words was accurate but in books written for children the narrator has to be participating completely all the time. Errors committed by the narrator in Into the Wild are no longer there in the second installment of the cat world series. In this second episode the restlessness develops further and the peace established between the four clans by their ancestors finally dwindles.

After the adventure in the first part Fireheart has joined the Thunder Clan and he is not going back at all. But peace is still not established on the land, it is River Clan this time which is in a charged pose. River Clan wants to gain advantage of the weaknesses of the other clans. First one in the list is the Wind Clan that faces enmity not only from River Clan but also from the rest of the three Clans present around.


Fireheart in such a situation needs support of his friends but those close to him start betraying him and he finds himself without friends. In the circle of foes it is Fireheart that stands tall for what he thinks is the right thing.

Erin Hunter is slowly involving all the clans in the showdown and in the end it would be up to the warriors to choose their sides.  Forest of Secrets would reveal several old secrets and perhaps the author would also give a touch to the origin of these clans. Beguiles of war can be heard but the real war would take time because things are building up slowly in the series.

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