Exile- Keeper of the Lost Cities


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    Exile is a beautiful novel written by Shannon Messenger. The novel is especially intended for younger audience and has an excellent storyline to make it a great experience for the kids. The Exile novel is part 2 of the Keeper of the Lost Cities novel series. A couple of quality novels that are written by Shannon Messenger are Lodestar and Keeper of the Lost Cities.

    The narration of this chapter is effortlessly done by Caitlin Kelly. She ensured an excellent performance and did every bit to make this audiobook a memorable one. Kids just love to hear it on a loop as it is so much grasping for them.

    Exile- Keeper of the Lost Cities

    Sophie, the prime character of this story is settling in very nicely into her new life and a beautiful new home. The home and her new life is in the world of the lost cities. Living at Havenfield helps her to get some good time to spend with the precious and rare species. This also included the first ever female Alicorn, who revealed herself to Sophie and was not able to trust anyone else except her.

    Sophie had her task cutout to train the magical creature so that Alicorn could reveal herself to the occupants of the lost cities as assign of good hope. Sophie had no choice other than to believe that all the recently concluded drama and the torment is finally gone for good.

    But, there are plenty of deep secrets, which are still buried deep in the memories of Sophie and before long, she is surrounded by incredible danger. She risked almost everything in order to get the answers to questions, which could have helped her save her life. Moreover, this would also help her in saving life of someone else as well, who was very close to her.


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    Keeper of the Lost Cities



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