Forest of Secrets


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    Fireheart emerged as a heroic figure in the cat world but there are many who just think of him as a headache. Many among of the clans want to get rid of Fireheart and he instead of dealing with them wants to know the truth behind everything. Thunder Clan’s deputy Redtail was murdered not very long ago and there was a lot of talk about the murder in Into the Wild and Fire and Ice.

    The case is pending to the present day and no proper investigation is made in that regard, perhaps someone from the inside wants to keep the secret hidden. For the proper investigation of the case Fireheart goes deep in the forest because he thinks that if the case is solved the issue between the clans would also get resolved.

    As the warrior cat goes deep in the forest, the secrets that were buried very long ago come before him dished up with conspiracies. Reality about the murders and those behind the crimes just makes his mind go upside down in seconds. Friends that were once dear to him become his enemies within moments and he finally sees the dark side of the dirty clan politics.

    Forest of Secrets

    Erin Hunter is slowly giving a real human touch to the world of warrior cats or perhaps these warriors actually personify the humans. Story is getting stronger after every step and MacLeod Andrews the official narrator of the series is really molding his voice well with it. MacLeod has groomed himself over a very short span of time and he can be considered as one of the best for such fantasy tales.


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