Flagship Victory

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Flagship Victory: Galactic Liberation, Book 3

The combination of B. V. Larson and David VanDyke is quite lethal in producing the best fictional novels. They both have expertise in contemporary science fiction fantasies and the ability to craft some really inspiring situations. Their characters have always been quite strong and manages to take the story to an epic conclusion.

Both the writers have also been quite successful as individual writers. David VanDyke is the recipient of the prestigious Hugo Award. On the other hand, B. V. Larson has more than 3 million copies sold of his different novels.

A couple of top quality novels that both the authors have written together are Exile and Demon Star.

Flagship Victory is a space opera or a science fiction fantasy. The book is chapter 3 of the Galactic Liberation novel series.

The commodore Straker is up against some entirely new challenges in Flagship Victory novel. He is facing some new enemies in this installment as the close interstellar empires had decided that the New Republic is a very strong threat. A 2-front war comes into shape. The Liberator should face both the Hundred Worlds and the Mutuality.

When the fighting wraths, the suspicious Opters are on the move. They were all set in making up a diplomatic effort in order to approach Straker. But, is it possible for him to trust the Hive Masters? Further, will they be able to support him in any capacity or stab him instead in the back?

The narration of Flagship Victory is handled by Mark Boyett. He is the repeated voice in the majority of novels that the authors-duo has written. As always, his performance was super impressive with his strong and soulful voice.


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