Exile Star Force, Book 11

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Exile: Star Force, Book 11 By: B.V. Larson, David VanDyke

Exile is novel co-produced by B. V. Larson and David VanDyke as its authors. It is the 11th chapter in the Star Force novel series. The book and the series is a military based contemporary science fiction fantasy.

Both the authors managed to make it a successful venture for the listeners of this audiobook and it was listened with great enthusiasm. There are plenty of other books that the two authors have jointly writer, while there are many individual books written by the authors-duo as well. A couple of those jointly written by the authors-duo are Demon Star and Outcast.

The narration of Exile novel is done by Mark Boyett. He has partnered with B. V. Larson in many of his audiobooks and has also been a part when he coauthored novels with David VanDyke. The combination worked once again of the authors and the narrator to make it a stunning experience for the listeners to enjoy.

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The crew of the starship Valiant looks for their way home after being completely lost and cut off from the planet Earth. In this 11th chapter of the Star Force saga, Cody Riggs path crosses with the overwhelming powers of the Ancients. They used to fry incomprehensible ships and thinks about the mankind to be the curiosities.

Cody is completely abandoned by everyone after being caught between the demons of the present and the ghosts of the past. His girl, his team and even his starships have changed their sides and loyalties, while completely exiling him in the immense depths of space. However, Cody Riggs manages to find his way back into the ongoing game.

He manage to upset the plans of his allies and enemies alike. The only question that remains is that whether he would be living long enough to regret all these things or not.

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