For Your Own Good

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Samantha Downing has brought more energy to the thrillers through her works in the past many years. My Lovely Wife and He Started It are also narrated by David Pittu and they will grip your mind so strongly that you will get addicted to it. Thrillers like this, act like a drug sometime which just makes your mind stop thinking about anything else. Story takes the listeners to a private school where something fishy has been going one for a long time and not many people have bothered to take notice of the thing.

Teddy Crutcher has won the Teacher of the Year award and he thinks that his life i.e both personal and professional is just going fine. His career as a teacher is booming and his wife loves this new energy that he is trying to give to his profession. However there are some students and co-workers who think that Teddy has been acting suspiciously over the past many months.

Moreover people have not seen his wife for a long time and though he talks about her a lot but they have not been seen together for a couple of months. Teddy does not care about these rumours and views which enter his ears every now and then. The man is all focused in getting the same award in the coming year as well.

Even when there are a few death in the academy which according to some appear as murders, Teddy just carries on with his own work. There is no one who is going to come in his way now, not even the parents of the children whom he is teaching.

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