Going Home

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Going Home is as good as any other contemporary science fiction novel that you may have come across in a while. A. American with all his literary skills and creativity puts up a novel, which is awe-inspiring to all the listeners of him. Moreover, the book becomes an even better experience in its audio version, especially when it is narrated by someone versatile and classy as Duke Fontaine.

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It was just by the time when car of Morgan breaks down at a distance of 250 miles from his home, he analyzed that all his plans for the weekend are ruined. But one thing he didn’t knew was that the things for him were about to get a lot worse than this. The power grid of the country got collapsed. As a result of this, there was absolutely no electricity, internet, water and neither information about the restoration of these denied services.

Morgan, an enthusiastic survivalist gets to the road along with his prepper back at his back. During his taxing journey from Tallahassee to his home, which was in the Lake County, there was a lot of chaos threatening every step that he takes. However, Morgan was firm in getting back to his sweet home and to reunite with his beloved wife and daughters. He was firm and highly determined to make this happen, no matter, whatever it takes from him.

Conflicted Home and Surviving Home are other popular novels by A. American. One thing you must have noticed is the word ‘Home’ common in all the titles of his book. All are contemporary science fictions too and all are worth reading or listening to for a great experience with literary art.






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    Surviving Home

    Escaping Home


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